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TENDER by TidalSeven provides a network of collaboration to communicate electronically with your partners. By integrating through industry standards, TENDER connects your existing system to securely exchange shipping information with your transportation partners and enable monitoring and visibility. Combined with SAIL, TENDER enables an end-to-end collaborative process with your partners.

Neutral Platform

The Neutral Platform enables people to quickly connect to start business operations with new partners in a timely and efficient manner.

  • Supports realization of shared goals
  • Reduces “Power Struggle”
  • Permits trusting relationships
  • Easy Connectivity

Monitoring and Visibility

Bringing data into your existing systems allows you to monitor and report on all collaboration activity as you are currently accustom.

  • Breeds self-accountability
  • Centralized information source
  • Allows utilization of existing visibility tools
  • No additional information sources to check

End-to-End Process

Ensure efficient collaborative results through an end-to-end process facilitated through electronic connectivity.

  • Real-time connectivity
  • Increases process alignment
  • Builds a cohesive supply-chain

Standards Based

Working via industry standards, TENDER supports secure connectivity for all standard transportation document types.

  • Utilizes existing industry standards
  • Communicates in standard languages
  • Partners use their choice of systems
  • Exchange tenders, acknowledgments, status updates, and invoices

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