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The SAIL Process

1 Discover

Attracting the right parties to collaborate is an important first step. Instead of wasting time searching for interested parties that may or may not end up to be quality collaborative partners, the SAIL network is already established with pre-qualified parties that are willing to collaborate. We understand the needs, obstacles, and business drivers of enterprise supply-chains and find compatible organizations.
Self Discovery with BEACON by TidalSeven

  • Create a profile of you for matching with other partners
  • Align with your company goals and initiatives
  • Identify existing internal collaboration drivers
  • Understand your business culture
  • Complete initial lane analysis and ROI study


2 Connect

To find and set up collaboration between parties already on the network, your profile of dimensions is used to create the best match possible. Lane volume/capacity, equipment type, service platform, and even collaborative goals are used to ensure matched parties have the best odds of successful transportation collaboration. This results in time savings and greater execution success by having you work with parties that are dedicated to working with you. You don’t search for your collaborative partners, we match them with you.

  • Determine collaborative partners based on profile of dimensions
  • Run a complete lane analysis and ROI study
  • Form your Virtual Private Fleet (VPF) with partners to share capacity / freight


3 Steer

Finding available lanes to share is great. But once they are found, how do you pull the most value out of them and work through challenges when they arise? With the guidance of TidalSeven, partners can rest assured they have a transparent neutral third party working to keep collaborative lanes running smoothly. In addition, TidalSeven assists to keep time to execution minimal and benefits mutually meeting or exceeding partner goals.

Electronic Steering with TENDER by TidalSeven

  • Partners have a Neutral Third Party (TidalSeven)
  • Ensure value from collaborative lane matches
  • Work through challenges and conflicts
  • Keep time to execution on matches minimal
  • Mutually beneficial results for all partners


4 Repeat

Collaboration requires constant attention; TidalSeven’s responsibility is to actively find new opportunities. In addition to BEACON, our self-service tool, we re-analyze your lanes for additional potential partners and match opportunities throughout our network on a regular basis. We drive the process, providing navigation to each party to ensure successful, repeatable results for all involved.

Electronic Steering with TENDER by TidalSeven

  • Regular re-analysis of your lanes for new opportunities
  • Continuous operational improvement
  • Expand your Virtual Private Fleet (VPF)
  • Measurable, certified results
  • Grow your collaborations and save more

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