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SAIL by TidalSeven provides a consultative supply-chain collaboration solution for shippers looking for a better way to manage capacity. By embracing collaboration, these shippers can further optimize their fleets, reduce empty miles and gain increased service performance through direct relationships not found with brokers or 3PLs.


Manage Capacity

Extend and manage your transportation fleet through the creation of a Virtual Private Fleet (VPF) that you can use to supplement capacity or transparently gain access to freight from other participating SAIL partners.

Enhance Service

Receive consistent and reliable service through the Virtual Private Fleet (VPF) made of your own, and other partner’s private and dedicated trucks that can work with complex service requirements and ensure exceptional on-time delivery.

Realize Savings

Insulate your transportation cost center from the volatility of the market by having access to consistent at or below market prices. Working directly with your partners, utilizing TidalSeven as a facilitator and mediator of your collaboration, brings transparency and savings to your transportation costs not found with 3PLs or traditional buy-sell relationships.

Barriers to Collaboration


Natural mistrust between rival businesses strains relationships and prevents transparency. Partnerships also create a lack of control when a platform of trust is not cultivated.


Lack of open communication stops the advancement of discussions and makes issue resolution difficult to achieve and time consuming.


Varying organizational goals not in alignment lead to different pressures and strains on the shared transportation network.


Without dedicated resources, priority of collaboration slips as necessary resources support the ongoing daily needs of the business. Lack of collaboration experience makes finding suitable partners challenging and results difficult to maintain.


Complex and varying technologies between companies make bringing necessary transportation network functions expensive and time consuming to implement.


Sharing network and vital business information with potential partners vastly increases your exposure to others that might not even end up conducting business with you.

Price War

Competing interests make coming to a mutually beneficial decision next to impossible. Dominant partners take all the benefit, while others struggle to realize any gain.

Utilizing TidalSeven, a neutral party, as your collaboration provider solves each of these barriers through the unique and innovative SAIL solution. To find out more about how SAIL tackles each of these barriers, contact us today.

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