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ATLAS by TidalSeven provides insightful reporting into collaboration activities. This reporting enables you to monitor and measure your initiatives and make smarter business decisions by providing access to a comprehensive set of reports.



Measure and support your green initiatives through improved fleet utilization and empty mile reduction data to support the reduced consumption of resources.


Monitor load and lane activity per partner for billing and estimated ROI evaluation.


Analyze transacted data to create and share meaningful custom reports.

Certified Results

Deliver certified reports demonstrating the responsible management of resource use, further substantiating your network improvements.

Collaboration Activity Report

Monitor partner activity, ensuring the program is meeting the expectation and established goals. Analyze your financial goals against operational results.

  • Collaborative Partner Comparison
  • Committed Lane Volume
  • Actual Lane Volume
  • Lane Details and Summary

Sustainability Report

Measure and support green initiatives within your company through certified results. Substantiate operational excellence with metrics and statistics.

  • Third Party Certified Results
  • CO2 Reduction Estimates
  • Overall Empty Mile Reduction
  • Verify Operational Excellence

Shipment History Report

Activity overview based on time and location. Tabular line item detail for auditing and historical tracking.

  • Line Item Data
  • Audit Trail of Activity
  • Historical Record Retention
  • Shipment Cost Tracking

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