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To solidify the meaning of supply-chain collaboration, advancing environmental responsibility and creating quality service partnerships within the industry.

The Company

TidalSeven was formed with the belief that collaboration in the transportation industry has a true meaning and extensive value beyond anything that has been done before. While others attempt to repackage old concepts with the “collaboration” label, we have come to market with a completely new perspective to supply-chain collaboration and formed the SAIL solution. Providing horizontal collaboration among shippers, private fleets and dedicated carrier service partners, SAIL enables organizations to finally realize the goals and visions they have had around collaboration with their supply-chain operations.

In addition to SAIL, TidalSeven is developing a range of services that further define and push the limits of what can be done with supply-chain collaboration. BEACON, TENDER and ATLAS work alongside SAIL to empower companies with self-discovery, automation and reporting around their collaborative activities, further driving value and on-going success of the collaborative relationships.

Collaboration is not just one of our offerings; it’s what we were founded on.

The Team

TidalSeven’s leadership team combines experienced supply-chain professionals with gifted entrepreneurs accounting for over 45 yrs of combined supply-chain industry experience. The team blends the talents of logistics, technology and customer management from F500 shippers, manufactures, 3PLS’s and the consulting world. We’re united around the belief that the industry is in need of change and is ready for supply-chain collaboration to deliver efficiency, service and savings.


  • Integrity – Do what is right and conduct business in an ethical and honest manner
  • Passion – Engage tenaciously through heart and mind
  • Innovation – Forward thinking to deliver exceptional results
  • Expertise – Go above and beyond what was conceived as possible, and do it with zeal
  • Flexibility – Help our customers achieve their most challenging goals

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