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TidalSeven provides supply chain collaboration services to companies looking for transportation capacity, service and savings.

We work across organizational boundaries leveraging each partner’s strengths to build and manage unique value-added processes to better meet customer needs. TidalSeven’s collaboration solution, SAIL, forms powerful collaborations through guidance and transparency.  SAIL (Shippers’ Alliance In Logistics) extends your transportation fleet, enabling lane sharing and freight / capacity matching for participating member companies.

Collaborative Barriers


Lack of open communication stops the advancement of discussions and makes issue resolution difficult to achieve and time consuming.


Varying organizational goals not in alignment lead to different pressures and strains on the shared transportation network.

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Access Untapped Private Capacity

Neutral Facilitation

  • TidalSeven is your Neutral Third Party
  • Empower relationships with transparency
  • Connect you directly with partners
  • An extension of your resources
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